Six for the Six Grille Insert

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Show your support for our first responders and those who serve the people!

Gray - Corrections 

Yellow - Dispatch

Red - Fire

White - EMS

Blue - Law Enforcement

Green - Military


CJ: 1976-1986 

YJ: 1987-1995 

TJ/LJ: 1997-2006  

JK: 2007-2017    

Keep your Jeep safe from hazards that may cause damage your radiator with a Dirty Acres Grille Insert. This grille insert takes little time to install, and requires no drilling for installation. Add a custom and rugged look to any Wrangler!

  • Rust resistant perforated aluminum
  • Radiator and engine compartment will receive proper airflow, while enhancing the personalization of your Jeep.
  • Clear Coat Protected
  • Fast & easy installation!     

Installation Instructions